Power Curve products are specifically designed to boost performance on older wind turbines that due to blade wear no longer generate their…

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Technical Details

Over the years, wind turbines lose a share of their efficiency due to blade surface and especially leading edge degradation.

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The Power Curve solution makes blade enhancement add-ons available to the global wind industry market, both for retrofits and OEMs.

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What Is Power Curve?

It is a proven fact that the longer the wind stays on the blade, the more energy the wind turbine generator is able to produce. The Power Curve concept is built on an acknowledged and thoroughly researched technology called vortex generators: Specially designed add-ons which redirect the airflow and keep the wind on the blade. As a result, the vortexes create additional lift in the power curve, and when installed correctly, this enhancement is guaranteed to increase electricity output considerably.

  • Suitable for retrofits and OEMs

  • Inexpensive technology made accessible

  • Customized for your application

  • Expert assistance from world-leading wind specialists